Welcome to Greenboot Life!

Hey! So excited you’re here! In this first blog post, you will find out about the things you might read about on my blog.

I will share:

  • All things clean beauty. Like, real clean beauty, not Sephora stamped Clean Beauty. From product reviews & suggestions, to ingredient breakdowns, beauty sales, beauty and makeup routines… the works.
  • All about a low waste lifestyle. I don’t have a “zero waste” mason jar (kudos if you do!). But, you will get all my tips and findings on how to reduce waste in our day to day lives, from reusables to recycling to composting.
  • All the good-for-you food. From how and where to shop for healthy groceries, to curated better-for-you recipes, plus why eating organic matters.
  • All about a non-toxic household. What to clean with, cook with, sleep & sit on. Because it’s time to clean up our homes and make them a safer place.

I’ve researching and implemented all these things for myself for YEARS – and I want to share the best of the best with you. As my husband says, I’m Serbian, and therefore brutally honest, so you can definitely expect that from this blog. Always.

Let’s dive in! Who’s with me?

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