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Either you love it or hate it – but you can’t live without it. Amazon! I try to support businesses I love that have Amazon pages when I shop on there. However, you can’t beat the prices, shipping speed and availability of Amazon sometimes. So I want to share some of my favorite Amazon finds for healthy living in hopes to make the world (and Amazon) a better place. And if you’re looking at this post on Prime Day (10/13 and 10/14/2020), snag the deals, they’re starred!


Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water: Pure, soothing rose water mist, perfect for sensitive skin, plus it’s super affordable. Buy it here.

*Honest Beauty Mascara: best mascara in clean beauty, hands down – AND it’s perfect for sensitive eyes. Buy it here.

*Honest Beauty Cream Blush: my makeup staple for years – has powerful pigment, blends beautifully and it’s made with clean ingredients – major win. Buy it here.

Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum: This is a natural, gentle retinol alternative – breakouts, texture, spots and scarring be gone! I’ve been using it for years. Buy it here.

EcoTools Makeup Brushes: These are eco-friendly, high quality and beautiful makeup brushes, and this starter set covers all your basics! Buy them here.

MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid SPF 50: My favorite tinted SPF – perfect for combo, oily and/or breakout prone skin! Buy it here.


*Stasher Bags: These are the amazing, eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to zip loc bags! You can the 1/2 gallon size (my fave) here, snack size here, sandwich size here or a bundle here!

*Organic 100% Cotton Nut Milk Bag: I use these bags both for making almond milk and celery juice! Buy it here.

Organic Medjool Dates: Best dates around, hands down. They’re super fresh, creamy, and big – perfect for a snack or using for sweetening nut milks or desserts. Buy it here.

W&P Peak Silicone Everyday Ice Tray: easy to use, has a lid, non-toxic and plastic free – made with food grade silicone. You won’t believe how easy the ice cubes come out – buy it here.

*Vitamix: My most used item in the kitchen – it does everything! You won’t regret having it. Buy it here. Or you can get it refurbished like I did, here!


LED Clip On Reading Light: the perfect reading light for nighttime – no blue light! Buy it here.

*SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses: chic, super well made and effective blue light blocking glasses! Buy them here.

Dyson Pure + Hot Air Purifier: I’ve searched long and hard for a high quality air purifier – this is it. Plus I love the cool and hot air feature, I use it every day! Buy it here.

*Tongue Scraper: Tongue scraping is a whole thing (there’s a blog post coming). In short, your mouth and gut will be healthier. Buy it here.


Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole-Food Grain Free Desserts: This is an amazing recipe book for making the yummiest gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free treats & desserts. Buy it here.

The Natural Cleaning Handbook: You will find natural cleaners (mainly based on baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and such) for every single part of your home. Buy it here.

*this post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale, which helps support this blog. Affiliate or no affiliate, you are getting my honest recommendation – I would never recommend something I don’t like and haven’t used and loved myself. 

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Living Amazon Finds

  1. Cristina Villatora October 14, 2020 — 1:10 pm

    This is so exciting! Definitely taking this chance to get the sweet laurel book 😊

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Yay! The Sweet Laurel book isn’t on sale BUT you can use your Whole Foods Prime Day $10 credit for it 😊


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