2020 Clean Beauty Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and so is gifting season! I’ve complied my 10 ride or die clean, fool-proof beauty products that you can gift your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, or co-worker. You’ll find a selection of both skincare and makeup products below. Note that there are some affiliate links present, so if you decide to buy any of the products below, I will get a small commission, which supports the blog. 😉

Honest Organic Body Oil

If you thought an affordable organic body oil doesn’t exists, I’m here to deliver the great news: it does! Meet Honest’s Organic Body Oil – perfect for the whole family, has a wonderful, natural & subtle scent, and your skin will soak it right in – especially in the colder months! Buy it here!

Mad Hippie Eye Cream

Do eye creams usually irritate you and cause little bumps on your skin (milia)? Then you need to try Mad Hippie’s eye cream. I’ve been using it regularly for over a year now, and only got my second bottle recently! This gentle eye cream really softens the skin around the eyes, lightens dark circles, and makes under-eye makeup application smooth. Buy it here!

Pai The Anthemis Chamomile & Rosehip Moisturizer

Other than Pai’s Rosehip Oil, this is my favorite Pai Skincare product. So soothing, calming and non-comedogenic. Pai creates products specifically for sensitive skin, so you won’t have to worry about irritation. The Anthemis is especially great in the colder months – it works super well for my sensitive, combination & acne prone skin. Buy it here!

Herbivore Pink Cloud Creamy Jelly Cleanser

This cleanser is more of a recent discovery for me, but let me tell you, WHAT a discovery! The soothing jelly consistency of this Herbivore cleanser turns into a gentle, low foam and your skin is left calm, clean and not tight at all. The rosewater in it gives it a really nice natural scent, as well. Plus, I love the sustainable glass bottle it’s in! Buy it here.

Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

This oil is something I’ve been researching for a LONG time, before I committed – and I’m happy to say that I didn’t regret it. This oil will work for all skin types – from normal to the most sensitive and acne prone. Squalane is completely non-comedogenic and is a great carrier for the vitamin C, which visibly brightens your skin, and helps get rid of pigmentation and acne spots. This oil is EWG verified, and even safe for fungal acne! Love the sustainable glass packaging as well. Buy it here!

Pai Dinner Out Mask

This Copaiba & Kaolin Blemish Mask (AHA based) is a gentle yet very powerful exfoliating and clarifying mask. Perfect for sensitive skin, it will make your skin smooth and glowy in just 10 minutes. The non-drying clay formula won’t make your skin tight or start cracking on it, like a lot of clay masks do. It also comes with a reusable Twin Flyer Cloth, which is perfectly gentle and effective for nicely removing the mask. Buy it here!

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer

If you’ve been following me, you KNOW how much I love this mascara. It’s my holy grail, ride or die makeup product. This primer and mascara duo will give you full, long lashes, without any smudging! It’s gentle on the eyes, too. There’s a good reason this is Honest Beauty’s bestseller – it’s arguably the best, and most affordable clean mascara on the market. Buy it here!

Hynt Duet Perfecting Concealer

This concealer is a cult favorite in clean beauty circles. Melts into the skin beautifully, covers EVERYTHING (even tattoos if you have them!), and is non-comedogenic. I can’t go without it. Buy it here!

Kosas Wet Lip Oil

Lip gloss has made a comeback. And I’m here for it! Kosas has created a lip gloss that’s just BEYOND good. The Wet Lip Oils are all the things you want from a lip gloss – hydrating, non-sticky, perfect amount of pigment (not too much, but definitely not little), plumping and your hair doesn’t get stuck in it! Plus, it’s CLEAN. I’m so obsessed with them that I actually have all 5 shades – Fruitjuice (pictured) is my favorite. Buy them here!

Ilia Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment

Looking for a multi purpose product to gift? Look no further than this Ilia Color Haze Multi-Use Pigment. The creamy formula blends beautifully on well hydrated cheeks, and you can also dab the pigment on your lips for a matte look. This tube will last you a WHILE, because the pigment in it is very powerful – a little goes a long way. Buy it here!

BONUS! Below you can find some of my favorite clean beauty gift sets – this is a great way to save during the holiday season. 😉

Kosas Mini Wet Set Lip Oil Gloss Trio ($25) – best way to try out these amazing lip glosses I talked about above!

Biossance Let It Glow Set ($25) – you get generous travel sizes of their bestselling Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil and Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum!

Pai Skincare The Nellie ($69) – you’ll get all of Pai’s best in minis – such a great introduction to this wonderful, certified organic brand!

If you enjoyed this Clean Beauty Gift Guide, share it with a friend! Let me know what other gift guides you’re interested in seeing. Happy gifting! 😉

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