The 3 Most Hydrating Lip Balms in Clean Beauty

Do your lips always feel dry/chapped/not plump enough no matter HOW MUCH water you drink? Same. Are you tired of constantly having to re-apply lip balm and ending up with dry lips anyway? Been there, too. Well, I’m here to give you a breakdown of the best, most hydrating lip balms that are also good for you. These lip balms are tried and true (by me) and hold up to the highest clean beauty standards.



This lip balm is the cheapest of the three, but don’t let that fool you – it’s the real deal. Even though it’s marketed as a night treatment, I use this any time of the day. This lip balm is long lasting, super moisturizing and feels luxurious on the lips. It’s organic, certified vegan, certified gluten free and all around amazing. Hurraw has an amazing selection of other lip balms (like this one with SPF that’s another fave of mine, or this one that tastes like chocolate) – the Moon Lip Balm is my #1 though. You can get it here!



Love hyaluronic acid? Then this Kosas LipFuel is for you! The hyaluronic acid in this lip balm provides truly lasting and penetrating hydration, and the mint is invigorating (and plumping!). I also like how the formula is non-greasy, so it stays on my lips for a REALLY long time. I apply the “Baseline” balm most often, as it’s untinted so it works well as a night treatment, as well. I also like their tinted versions, and use them for a pop of color, to just slightly accentuate my lips for a natural makeup look. Get the Kosas Lipfuel here!



The Follain Lip Balm is somewhere between the Hurraw Moon Lip Balm and the Kosas Lipfuel. It’s really hydrating, smooth, buttery and doesn’t leave you with greasy lips! Made with beautiful organic ingredients coconut oil, beeswax, argan oil, shea butter and more. It’s 100% clean, cruelty free, gluten free, non-GMO and synthetic fragrance free. I also love that the stick is thicker than traditional lip balms, so it’s great as it will cover full lips beautifully. You can get it here!

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this selection of lip balms and let me know your clean lip balm favorites in the comments! This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase something from my link, I will receive a small commission from the sale, which helps support this blog. Affiliate or no affiliate, you are getting my honest recommendation – I would never recommend something I don’t like and haven’t used and loved myself. 😉

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