What is Greenboot Life?

Greenboot is about a "green reboot" for your lifestyle. Whether you want to greenboot your home, beauty, or diet, Greenboot Life is here for you as a resource and a guide. Let's make our bodies AND our Planet a healthier place, for many more decades to come.


My Story

Hey, I’m Mila – founder of Greenboot. I’m a professional actress, singer and environmental activist, living in Manhattan – but let me take you back to my roots. I was born and raised in Serbia, where I was surrounded by greenery, pastures, eating farm fresh food that was organic – because there wasn’t anything other than organic. When I moved to the U.S., over time, I started having digestion, skin and energy issues – I suddenly felt like I was sensitive to everything. I started researching and found out how safety standards in the United States are much lower than in Europe, and how so much food, beauty, household production is poorly regulated. Long story short, toxins are all around us, so I made a mission to find ways to reduce exposure to them, while still staying sane in the process. What you put in, on and around your body matters, and I’m excited to share my research and knowledge with you on this “Greenboot” journey!

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